Pieces that are available for sale, can be found at my shop on Etsy at Clay Horse Studio -- http://www.ClayHorseStudio.etsy.com

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MHSPottery_20110905_001 MHSPottery_20110905_010 MHSPottery_20110905_005 MHSPottery_20110905_011
MHSPottery_20110905_015 MHSPottery_20110905_029 MHSPottery_20110905_036 MHSPottery_20110905_049 MHSPottery_20110905_050 MHSPottery_20110905_054 MHSPottery_20110905_059 MHSPottery_20110905_024 P7110142.JPG P7110143.JPG IMG_0551 IMG_0555 IMG_0556 potteryShow1_060615-006 potteryShow1_060615-035